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doubt #18: how not to… activism

I am all for activism and fighting the good fight, however I doubt that THIS is the way to go…

Especially when you read up on the background: like here


Isn’t it supposed to be promotion of values rather than bending reality to oppose something we don’t agree with?


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Doubt #15

There may be some correlations, but I do doubt that every active blogger is an active single… also: would it be such a bad thing? 

by Pigs in Maputo

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Doubt #8

Symbolic “Something!”-Days are great, you know for symbolic reasons. Still, I doubt they make that much a difference in average Jane’s life. 

via Motifake.com

Happy World Women’s Day, m’ladies!

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Doubt #3

I doubt that Germans do NOT have a sense of humor … just hide it.

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