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doubt #19 – Motivationals

I seriously doubt that many of those motivational proverbs get it right… like this one:


Hard work is no value as such, because it can be use for anything ranging from a perfectly executed project to an awesomely-made screw and a fine-working dictatorship… it is passion that makes the difference, because then you do something because there’s nothing in the world you’d rather do and no cause you’d rather dedicate your time (that one most real form of a finite resource) to. Talent can make up for quite a bit of hard work and being learned in something doesn’t mean getting it right, but talent gets beaten every single time if it doesn’t care (enough). When it comes down to that falsely promoted antagonism between hard work and talent, it is not about about either of them, it is about the passion to do what you do.

Yes, I do read these things, too, and sometimes they actually get me thinking, but they never tell you why you should do something and doing something for doing something’s sake doesn’t cut it, sorry. This however does, at least for me:

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